3 Benefits of Outsourcing Lab Services

Outsourcing is becoming the new normal in many companies operating in different sectors. People are finding it to be quite cost friendly and as a result, many companies are opting to outsource instead of doing things in-house. The latest recipient of outsourcing is the laboratory sector. Lab outsourcing involves the use of an independent contractor who handles everything to do with quality control testing, R&D and other services that are performed by an in-house laboratory. The million dollar question is why hospitals and other companies are opting to outsource their lab services.

Benefits of Outsourcing Lab Services
CostРIn-house lab services are costly. Statistics show that outsourcing lab services help reduce lab cost by 20%. In-house lab services have high capital investment, and the hospital or company also incurs an overhead cost. However, if a company outsources these services, they are spared the extra expenses, and they do not have to worry about hiring a medical profession in case the results come out with an anomaly.
Higher levels of capability– In-house laboratories are at times limited in the scope of work they can perform. This limitation is as a result of their high levels of specialization in one area which as a result may limit them from conducting certain tests. However, outsourced labs are not limited to this. They have a wide range of laboratory equipment and specialists who come from different fields.
Higher laboratory productivity– Outsourcing lab services help increase productivity and improve services offered. The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders in Dallas, Texas can attest to this. According to the Executive Director of this center,¬†outsourcing has helped improve the center’s lab performance, and they have been able to gain revenue as a result of leasing.

Types of Lab Testing that are Outsourced
Outsourcing lab services are not limited to hospitals. Several industries outsource lab services, and they include; consumer product, chemical industries, production industries, petroleum refining and the pharmaceutical sector which is the most common one.

The types of testing outsourced include; research development, troubleshooting, technical support, quality control and science services. Companies across the globe are considering this option of outsourcing laboratory services. Whatever reason each company may have for outsourcing, it is clear that the greatest reason is the cost reduction this service offers.

The process of Outsourcing Lab Services
The first step is to make the decision. Once you officially decide to outsource, then you can evaluate whether you want to outsource just one specific test or the entire lab service. Making this decision will help you reduce the size of your in-house laboratory and hence reduce cost. The next step is to start hunting for a reputable company that provides laboratory services.

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