3 Facts You Need to Know About Bacteriostatic Water

You might have not heard of bacteriostatic water, but it is widely used in purified and sterilized settings. This water is purified and sterilized to a point that it stops bacteria without killing it. The most common use of this water is to prepare injections for the body and dissolve medicaments. Other than its traditional use, bacteriostatic water has the following interesting characteristics.

3 Facts About Bacteriostatic Water

Can Be Used Repeatedly

Bacteriostatic water is different than regular sterile water. Bacteriostatic water is sterilized, but it also has benzyl alcohol added inside to stop the growth of bacteria. Because of this, bacteriostatic water can be used over and over again because the bacteria, although inside of it, cannot reproduce. Even so, the water has a shelf life of 28 to 30 days as benzyl alcohol can wear off in time.

Can Be Injected In Different Ways

Bacteriostatic water is sterilized with antibiotics, it does not interact with other medicines that it comes in contact with. That is why it can be used in many ways. Bacteriostatic water can be injected in the body intravenously, intramuscularly, and subcutaneously. Intravenous injections inject the water into the veins, intramuscular injects it into the muscles, and subcutaneous injections put the substances under the skin. These different types of injections can be used to insert different substances into the body.

Cannot Be Used for Neonatal Purposes

Bacteriostatic water does have its limitations. Because of the benzyl alcohol inside, which is still alcohol, it cannot be administered to infants that are younger than four weeks. Even if the bacteriostatic water does not affect humans in general, small babies can change their blood pressure drastically in the presence of alcohol. For infants under the 4-week mark, sterile water solutions are used. Other than that, bacteriostatic water can be used for everyone as it is very safe and beneficial for all sorts of operations and medication.

Safety of Bacteriostatic Water

Bacteriostatic water is the solution that is used the most when injections are done or when medication is administered. It is very safe and can be purchased over the counter for medical purposes. It is great for the dissolving and administering of medication, steroids, hormones, and other substances that do not require medical supervision when injected. Once opened, however, the bacteriostatic water will be good for up to 30 days after which it has to be discarded. You can also use this very safe and useful substance whenever you need something to prevent bacterial spread, growth, or just need to have injections done.

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