3 Useful Tips for Choosing a Dental Lab Workstation

Deciding on where to locate a dental lab is a critical decision that every dentist has to make. Statistics have shown how crucial it is to maintain a healthy relationship between the lab and office. Nearly 40% of the revenue generated by a dental practice come from fixed crowns and bridgework. That means lab-crafted products contribute to the significant portion of the average income of a dental practice. Studies have also found that approximately 33% of oral surgeons and dentists have shifted to different dental labs in the past two years. That means deciding where to locate a dental laboratory is a critical decision that deserves energy and effort. Dentists have first to vet prospective locations before deciding to relocate their laboratories. Here are a few tricks for finding the best site for a dental lab.

Business Fundamentals and Shared Values

Dental practices are about quality, but not quantity. With that, dental professionals should strive to locate their labs in an area with shared values. The reputation of a dental practice should factor into the equation when deciding where to build a lab. Ask friends and relatives to refer you to lab locations that exhibit excellent communication with the dentistry field and can produce high-quality work.

Customer Support and Service

As a dentist, you probably spend much of your time seated on your office desk. However, it is sometimes wise to carve out time to interact with patients, address their concerns, and alleviate their stress. A reputable dental practice should work with dental professionals who exhibit the same approach when it comes to customer support and service. Transparency and reliability are a must in cases that needs extra attention and time.


One reason to have a dental lab is to be able to produce high-quality dental products and accurate diagnosis. Check whether a prospective dental lab has been certified by the National Dental Laboratory Technology Board or not before relocating your laboratory to a new location. NBC is an independent board dedicated to improving the quality of technology that dental labs use. It does this through certification of technicians and dental laboratories and voluntary testing. NCB board is also responsible for ensuring that all dental labs use FDA-approved apparatus. Dentists must first request samples of a prospective lab before deciding to relocate there. Quality samples are not the only variables when deciding on where to locate a dental lab. Dentists must as well be assured that the lab they choose to work with will deliver quality samples consistently and in time. Work with a dental lab that can guarantee turn-around time and inquire about its quality control procedure. Seek to know what steps the prospective dental lab will take to ensure the consistency and accuracy of each prescription.

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