3 Ways Microbial Source Tracking is Protecting Our Waters

Microbial source tracking is a process. This process identifies a type of source. The source may include:
* cattle
* bird
* human
This involves contamination in waters. This contamination is measured through fecal indicator bacteria. This includes the following:
* Escherichia coli or E.coli
* Enterococci

Finding the Source and Acknowledging the Problem
It is a fact that we must acknowledge; our water is in need and we must take action to clean it up. Pathogens in our waters are causing many problems and posing many threats to our safety. It is important to know that illnesses and diseases occur when high fecal matter is found in water. This poses many concerns and can cause the following health issues:
* ear infections
* dysentery
* typhoid fever
* hepatitis A
* viral and bacterial gastroenteritis
These are health issues that can be prevented when action is taken and our water is pure and clean. Good health is possible and eliminating fears of our water can be a reality.

Clean Water: It is Worth Paying For
We need to ask how our waters have gotten so contaminated. The contamination is costing society billions of dollars in medical expenses because it is not natural to drink or bathe in contaminated water. There have been some very useful tools developed to assist us in getting to the source help us to find out how this is occurring. The problems cannot be solved if we cannot answer how the problems started.

Protection of Water
The ongoing studies and Microbial source tracking are working together to protect our water from unhealthy contamination. The tracking is doing a good job via the following methods:
1. discovering the exact methods of where and how the contamination is getting into water: this is showing researchers what is getting into the water and from where it is coming from

2. clear documentation is determining the exact time the contaminated items entered the water; keeping tract of all the facts is providing needed information

3. proving concise history facts and credible researcher: the facts are keeping all information credible and very clear. Facts are necessary and they uncover the truth. Obtaining history about the water informs us about how the problem started and where it began. This is uncovering the length of time too. It is important to know the time frame in order to find out how many years of contamination has built up in the water
Once the information has been obtained, the cleaning of the water may begin. Microbial source tracking will allow society to prevent future damage to our waters and stop current damage.

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