4 Careers that use CAD Modeling

In the spirit of the new year and the “new you”, we’re going to be focusing on those of you that have chosen to go back to school. Now you may be someone that knows what they want to learn, or maybe you don’t. If you’re the latter, maybe you’d like to make a career change into the world of CAD Modeling. CAD stands for Computer-aided design (CAD) and is the use of computer systems to aid in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a design. That was a mouthful, but, this field is booming! Here are 4 careers you can begin to work towards with knowledge of CAD modeling..

Special Effects (CGI)

Do you love movies? Maybe you enjoy the big budget over the top smash fests of the summer! Well now you can be a part of the process. The computer graphics team on a movie set is massive, and now you can be the one to make sure Superman’s cape flows just right, or ensure that the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park are as realistic as possible.

CAD Designer

As a CAD designer you would work with engineers to design things like fittings, valves, pipes and support structures. You would also work with engineers to create 2D drawings from existing 3D models. A lot of things are designed using CAD, like shampoo bottles and other everyday items you might never think about. As a CAD designer, you’d be able to help shape the very lives of everyday people.

3D Printing

Not only would you be able to make cool things like toys, you’d also be able to make things that change lives. You could make prosthetic body parts. Think about the soldiers coming home that might need new limbs, or a little kid born without limbs. You can directly impact their lives and change them forever!

Virtual Reality

Things just keep getting cooler! VR is gaining popularity, but still needs that killer app that gets it over. You could be that person. With Playstation invested along with Samsung and the PC world, other companies are sure to get in soon. This technology is exciting, fresh and very wide open.

Those are just four possible careers you could be a part of. Some jobs only require an Associates in CAD design, so school wouldn’t even take that long. Check out the links to get more information on more jobs and how a knowledge of CAD modeling is implemented into them.

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