4 Ideas for Making Your Gun Range More Efficient

Efficiency is vital for every business, and a gun range is no exception. While no owner should ever sacrifice safety to make their operations more efficient, there are plenty of ways to save time and money without doing so. That will ultimately help to create a better experience for everyone at the range, so there’s very little reason not to attempt to make things more efficient.

Plan Events Carefully

A shooting range is a natural hub for the local community of gun owners, so they should expect to host the occasional event. This is normally a good thing, since it can bring more visitors and income to the range, but it can also be a nightmare to plan everything.

The best way to make this easier is to put the events on a regular schedule. If the range is going to host shooting classes, make sure that they happen at the same time every week. If speakers or charity groups are going to visit, try to make sure that the range has designated time slots for it. This makes it easier for people to plan to show up to the events, and it also allows the owner to turn scheduling and event management into a routine.

Use a Bulletin Board

Visitors are going to have questions, and the time spent answering them can add up quickly. Owners can dodge the most common questions by installing a bulletin board and posting an FAQ about the range’s hours and policies. Any forms that need to be filled out should be placed by the board as well along with clear labels. Allow visitors to post on the board if they have something relevant to advertise. This encourages people to visit the range and pay attention to it, plus it provides a useful service to the community.

Have a Standard Safety Course

Nothing does more to protect people at a range than offering a safety course. A written guide to gun safety is useful, but it’s hard to beat a physical demonstration. A range can attract a lot of people by offering that course. If possible, give people a badge after completing it that they can wear while they are at the range. This marks the people who will need less supervision, which makes sure that employees can work where they are most useful. Consider providing a small discount to people who wear the badge to give them a reason to take the course and do so.

Provide Basic Supplies

Every shooter needs targets, ear protection, and other supplies. Most people can bring their own, but there’s always somebody who forgets something. Consider putting a basic supply of cheap earplugs and other tools near the range for people who forget theirs. It’s possible to charge a small free for these, but free ones can help improve the shooting experience at a low price. This will keep people from leaving the range early or not shooting because they forgot something, which can help drive up business.

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