4 Reasons to Give a Park Bench in Memory of a Loved One

When you lose someone you love, it’s important to remember them. A memory bench can be a respectful way of remembering a loved one. Choosing a bench can be a great option for a number of reasons.

Attach a Memory

You can decide to attach a memory to your loved one by using a memory bench. For example, if you know that they always loved going for a walk at a specific park or they enjoyed the fresh outdoors, you can use that as a memory of them. It can make it easier to deal with the loss, especially when you can keep a memory alive.

Have a Place to Visit

Everyone chooses to overcome loss in a different way. You may want to have a place where you can visit when you feel you miss the person. Rather than going to a cemetery or holding an urn filled with their ashes, you can sit on the memory bench. It will allow you to have a quiet moment where you can remember all of the fun times that you had with that person. You can bring others to the bench, too, showing them why you have that memory and why you chose to place a memory bench where you did.

Give to the Community

It’s always a good idea to give back to your community. Many communities don’t have the funds needed to buy enough benches to give people a place to sit down. When you give a park bench to remember someone, you’re providing for the community. You can choose a specific park, zoo, or other location for the bench to go. It’s something that the community will love to have. Plus, you can attach as many sentimental feelings to it as you wish.

Share Your Story

Park benches can be engraved or you can have a plate attached to them. This is a chance to share your story as to why you’re donating a bench in memory of someone. Share a favorite quote, a biblical verse, or simply a two-sentence story as to why your loved one would have wanted a bench where you’re placing it. This will allow others to learn about your loved one and share in the memories.
You cannot bring a loved one back. However, you can make them a part of your everyday life by keeping their memories alive. A park bench is a great way to create a memory.

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