4 Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Dress for Your Body Type

Wedding dress shopping is slightly intimidating because it is such a big purchase. Your dress will be in all the wedding pictures. You want to make sure you choose the right wedding dress for your special day. Here are 4 tips for choosing the right wedding dress for your body type.

Embrace Your Body Type
When you are wedding dress shopping it helps to know your body type. Are you petite, plus size, busty, curvy or lean. Take a look in the mirror literally. Sometimes we have an image in our mind that does not match reality. Many times brides think of themselves in a negative light when they are beautiful. Look at yourself and see the truth of your beauty. Decide which category fits you best; it will help you find the perfect gown.

Accent the Positive
Decide what feature you would like to accent the most while wearing your wedding gown. This will help you determine what style of gown you want: the Ball Gown, the Mermaid, the A Line, or the Sheath. Be willing to try on something out of your comfort zone just for fun. Talk with your bridal consultant about what type of gown she would recommend for you.

Hide the Not So Positive
If you have a feature that you are not comfortable with displaying, choose a gown that hides it. All eyes will be on you at the wedding, and you need to be comfortable in your dress. A wedding dress can reshape your body to the human eye. It is all about how the material is draped on you that can make the difference. Have an open conversation with your consultant about what you want and don’t want.

Feel Good in Your Dress
Take time to walk around the dress shop in your gown. Sit down on the chairs. Turn around, spin, and kneel. Do all the movements you might expect to be doing at your wedding and reception. Do not rush this part of the shopping experience. The perfect dress needs to make you feel beautiful. It needs to perform well too. If it is cumbersome, excessively tight, or does not flow to your expectations, this is the time to notice any function issues.

Now you are ‘in the know’ and can go out dress shopping with confidence. You have the knowledge to make the right choices because you have a plan of action. Be up front and open with your bridal party if they are shopping with you. Tell them what you want and get them all on your team in unity. Choose the dress you love, the one that bests suits your body type.

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