5 Reasons to Build with Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

There are a variety of material options when deciding to build a new building. In many cases, a pre-engineered metal building may be the best choice. Pre-engineered buildings have been available for a number of years. They are available in virtually any size for almost any use. From off the shelf packages to highly-involved structures created for specialized purposes. Alternatively, buildings may be engineered to specifications.




Pre-engineered metal buildings are extremely flexible. Because the structure carries the full load of the building, the interior can be configured in any way needed, from stadium to offices to storage. If the purpose of the building changes, the interior can be reconfigured without worrying about structural issues.


Quicker Construction


Because the buildings are pre-engineered and prefabricated, they usually come with patterns and instructions. In cases of smaller buildings like a storage building or garage, a small group of employees or friends may be able to complete the construction in a short period of time. In other instances, a contractor or dealer may be needed to complete the job. In both cases, the buildings are usually built on a concrete pad for additional stability.




Metal buildings are built to last. They are non-combustible and stand up to all types of weather including heavy snow, wind and rain. Most come with warranties of up to 50 years on the structure and 25 years for the roof.




Because metal is highly recycled, the use of pre-engineered metal leads to increased sustainability. Over the past 30 or 40 years, steel mills have become more energy efficient, with lower greenhouse gas emission levels. In addition, the construction provides for tightly sealed windows, door frames and joints allowing for increased options in insulation leading to lower heating and cooling costs.


Lower Cost


Materials and construction costs are lower for pre-engineered metal buildings than for wood, block or other types of buildings. The ease of construction lowers the labor costs. The ability to prefabricate wall and roofing sections provide another area of cost savings as the equipment and setup can be used repeatedly.


When considering a construction project, a pre-engineered metal building may be the best option for the project. These buildings are extremely versatile, allowing for large spans of open space that can be configured in virtually unlimited ways. The technology allows for greater precision in the building construction creating a tight seal for the safety and security.

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