5 Signs You’re Ready to Ask for That Promotion to Become a Manager

Almost every employee wants to eventually move up the ladder to be given more responsibilities, higher pay and more influence over how the company runs. Asking for a promotion, however, is a huge step and you’ll want to be sure you are really ready to assume a bigger role. These are five good signs that you are ready to become a manager.

1. You Are Willing To Learn

Managers usually need to learn how to do a bit of everything. They are often tasked with taking on added responsibility or figuring something out in the heat of the moment. You will be a good manager if you think well on your feet and enjoy learning new things. Expanding your horizons should not just be limited to your particular industry but also to continuously improving leadership ability as well.

2. You Help Others Succeed

The best managers want their employees to succeed and then take tangible steps to help that happen. You might be ready for a promotion if you are invested in the success of others as well as your own. A manager’s role involves aiding in the professional development of all employees, especially promising ones, in any way they can.

3. You Are In Tune With The Needs Of The Company

Managers often need to set their personal feelings aside and approach things from the perspective of what the company needs. They need to look beyond individual employees and even departments while still paying attention to the details. You are a good candidate for manager if you are already thinking about the big picture and have good ideas for how the company can improve.

4. People Come To You To Solve Problems

Part of a manager’s job is to solve problems at an organization. If you are already known as someone who solves problems and answers questions around the office, this is a strong sign that you are ready to ask for a promotion to manager. Much of a manager’s role is putting their own tasks on hold to help or guide others.

5. You Manage Yourself Well

It’s important to note that just being good at your job or having held it for a long time does not necessarily mean you will be a good manager or even enjoy it. Many people like the work they do and don’t want to move into a more managerial role. However, consistently demonstrating that you manage yourself well is a good sign. It can easily translate to managing on a larger scale.

It’s not always easy to feel as though you’re ready to step into a managerial role. It’s important to do some self-reflection and look at yourself critically to decide if you feel ready to ask for a promotion. Once you’ve decided that you are, get ready to present your case and bring the topic up.

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