5 Things to Know When Shopping for Cigars Online

Local smoke shops can oftentimes be expensive and may also only carry a few of your favorite brands. While the internet has an array of great companies, it can sometimes be daunting to buy your first cigar online. This is often due to the fact that there are so many different websites and companies to choose from that it is nearly impossible to know which ones are worth both your time and money. One clear advantage to buying your cigars on the internet is that these stores often own their own warehouses, enabling them to carry more merchandise and a variety of different brands that you will not find in your local brick-and-mortar shop.

What to Know When Shopping for Cigars Online

  • 1. Online Shops Carry More Selection. Because these online shops cater to thousands of smokers from around the country or even the world, they are able to afford their own warehouses. Having a large warehouse to store their supplies means that you are able to find a bigger and better selection of fine products on their website.
  • 2. Cost Savings. Unlike local cigar shops that rely solely on a smaller client base, websites often sell to thousands upon thousands of smokers. What this means for you is cost savings and a better bang for your buck.
  • 3. It’s Legal. Shopping for cigars online is completely legal, as long as you are of legal age. Cigar websites are required by law to do strict age checks on their buyers, ensuring that anyone and everyone who purchases their products are of legal smoking age.
  • 4. Reviews and Support. If you’ve ever walked into a local smoke shop and immediately felt intimidated by all of the available products, you know how worthwhile it can be to read reviews before buying cigars. Reading reviews written by other smokers online is especially beneficial for first time buyers who want to know what the cigar is like before buying it. Many of these online sites offer superior customer support to help you make your purchase easier and quicker.
  • 5. Discreet Shopping. If you’re a new smoker, you might even feel embarrassed walking into a local store to buy your supplies, especially if you like to buy cigars in bulk. When you shop online, you take all of the embarrassment out of the process and get the items shipped right to your front door.

It is often a good idea to check out the validity of a smoke shop online before buying from it. Check out the shop’s social media page and read business reviews that others have written. Doing a bit of research on the shop before putting in your credit card information can go a long way for anyone looking to buy their cigars on the internet. There are pretty clear advantages to buying your cigars online as opposed to relying solely on your local smoke shop (source). Saving yourself money and time are two of the main reasons so many people forgo shopping locally and exclusively buy online.

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