5 Tips to Make Your Hot Wings Stand Out

If you love eating and making hot wings, you might make them all the time for your family or for gatherings and parties. You might be pretty happy with the hot wings that you make right now, but you could be hoping to improve your game a little bit. If you’re wondering how to make your hot wings stand out even more, try these tips.

1. Choose Good-Quality Chicken Wings

First of all, you can’t make good hot wings without good chicken. Don’t go too cheap when buying chicken wings; make sure that you buy them from a good grocery store or butcher. Opt out of the frozen chicken wings, and choose fresh wings instead.

2. Make Sure They’re Trimmed Neatly

When cutting your chicken wings, make sure that you remove the tips. Take your time when separating them so that they are cut neatly. This will make for a better presentation, and it will help the wings cook more evenly, too.

3. Get Them Good and Crispy

The key to good wings is to make sure that they are nice and crispy. When frying them, make sure that you have your oil at the right temperature and that you fry your wings long enough to get that nice, crispy coating. Of course, adding enough breading is important, too.

4. Try Different Sauces

One thing that makes eating wings so much fun is the fact that they can be eaten with a nice variety of sauces. Try switching up your sauce recipes; there are a ton of sauce recipes that can be found online. Plus, you might find that you really like some of the store-bought sauces, too.

5. Serve With the Right Garnishments

Of course, when you are serving your hot wings, you probably want them to be the star of the show. However, adding the right garnishments can make a big difference, too. Not only can garnishments add a little bit of color and appeal to your serving platter, but they can help add the right flavors, too.

Of course, you are probably going to want to serve a good-quality ranch dressing on the side. You can make it homemade or purchase a good bottle from a good brand. Additionally, try serving fresh vegetables on the side; raw baby carrots or celery sticks are the traditional choice. You can try something unique by serving a tasty coleslaw, grilled pineapple or something else on the side, too.

Right now, you might make pretty good hot wings. If you would like for your wings to stand out even more, though, these ideas can help. In no time, you’ll be serving hot wings that are better than what you have ever had at a restaurant.

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