5 Ways to Prevent Erosion

Whether you have a small backyard at home or you manage a 20 acre farm, you can still be susceptible to the many challenges of erosion. In fact, erosion issues afflict numerous properties throughout the world every year.

Many experts agree that erosion strikes most often during times of extreme weather such as heavy rainfall, strong winds, ice melts, flooding and runoffs. In fact, erosion is drastically increasing in many areas. According to the Chicago Tribune, the shoreline of Lake Michigan has had erosion issues for several decades. In addition, current research shows that erosion could get much worse. Studies show that in just two years (2014-2016), erosion significantly increased on the shores of Lake Michigan. In effect, there is a loss of 84 feet of beach with an average of 84 feet per year.

Soil erosion can damage your property, making it useless and uninviting. As well, erosion can greatly affect the environment causing irreparable damage.\. However, there are numerous things you can do to prevent erosion. In fact, there are five basic tips that can help you avoid erosion on your property.

1. Barriers or Baffles
Barriers and baffles are ideal for smaller slopes. They are devices that slow down the flow of water. They can also divert the water from the area that is causing the erosion. Barriers or Baffles are generally composed of timber or stone.

2. Turf grass
Many specialist claim that turf grass is the best defense against erosion. the extensive root system actually helps bind the soil together. In fact, each individual grass can actually grow more than 300 miles of roots.

3. Compacted Soil
When it comes to erosion, one of the biggest things to avoid is compact soil. The extremely dense ground makes it difficult for water to drain. Instead, water will carry the soil downhill. According to wikiHow, you can prevent compact soil by using paved stones as walkways or by adding compost to the soil to encourage worms and soil breakage.

4. Retaining Walls
Slopes that have severe erosion can be remedied by building retaining walls. Constructing a retaining wall at the base of the slope will block the soil and give your pants the opportunity to grow. The recommended slope for a wall is 2%, so that water can flow to the side instead of making a pool. Retaining walls are typically made of rock, wood and concrete blocks.

5. Plants
One of the best Eco friendly options to control erosion is by utilizing plants. A plants root system will naturally hold the soil together. In addition, the leaves obstruct the rain and keep it from breaking up the soil. Low spreading plants are ideal because they cover the soil entirely.

Although the progression of erosion is subtle, over time it can become a major problem. The best way you can prevent erosion is to catch it as soon as possible. Although it is impossible for you to completely stop erosion, you can definitely slow down the process.

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