6 Ways to Improve Your Nutrition this Fall

When you want to have a healthier mind and body, autumn is the perfect time to begin eating nutritious foods. Your favorite supermarket or local farmers market will have an assortment of foods that are plentiful during the autumn, so you can save money while improving your well-being. Look for these foods during the autumn.

Six Beneficial Autumn Foods

Food 1: Apples

Visit an orchard to pick fresh apples from the trees so that you have tasty fruit for snacks. You can preserve the apples in a variety of ways, including making applesauce or freezing the apple slices. Apples contain an assortment of nutrients, including vitamins C, B6 and A along with the minerals magnesium and iron.

Food 2: Squash

While you may want to buy pumpkins and other types of squash to decorate your home’s front porch, these foods are also nutritious. Rather than throwing away a pumpkin’s flesh and seeds, you can use these items to make baked goods or other delicious snacks. Pumpkin is rich in vitamin A, iron and calcium.

Food 3: Pork

Your body needs protein, and pork is inexpensive during the autumn. Look for family-size packages of pork chops or roasts to wrap in aluminum foil to store in a kitchen’s freezer. Make sure to cut away the excess fat from the meat after cooking it to avoid excessive calorie consumption.

Food 4: Cranberries

Cranberries are a type of fruit that is mainly harvested during the autumn, and you don’t need to wait until the holidays to enjoy this food. You can find fresh cranberries that you can dry to preserve the fruit, and you can also make homemade cranberry sauce.

Food 5: Sweet Potatoes

During the autumn, switch to buying sweet potatoes rather than selecting white potatoes. The deep orange flesh of sweet potatoes contains additional antioxidants that can protect your body’s cells. A sweet potato is rich in vitamin A and C, and it also provides calcium and iron.

Food 6: Pears

While shopping for apples, don’t forget to look for fresh pears that are often located near to this fruit. You can eat pears raw, but there are also recipes that require cooking the fruit with spices and sugar. If you want to enjoy pears throughout the autumn, then buy extra when the fruit is on sale so that you can freeze pear chunks to use as the temperature drops.

Plan Your Weekly Menus

Before shopping for groceries, make sure to have weekly menu plans that will incorporate these six foods. Take advantage of the bargain prices on seasonal foods by stocking up on the items. You can have a healthier body when you select seasonal produce and meats.

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