7 Great Ideas for Staging and Open House

Home staging is a key design technique used by most sellers over the years. It is the only assured way you can sell your home faster at a favourable price. But there are several trade tricks you must consider, particularly if you are designing an open house or staging on a budget. There are several ideas that can help elevate your home to be admirable for your prospective buyers. For staging and your open house, you should consider these 7 simple tips that won’t cost you a leg.


  • The Brighter It Is, The Better

Never undervalue the role of lighting. It might be as simple as a flip of a switch, but it is very important aspect of home staging. Lighting can make your room even bigger, appear livelier, and feel more comfortable. Natural lightingis also an important aspect of brightness. Let the sun get to your bedroom and living room since many buyers are interested to know where the sun faces during the day.


  • Put Great Emphasis On The Kitchen

You don’t have to update your entire kitchen, since that would mean a remodel. Focusing on the features of your kitchen is better and simple way to save your money and time, particularly when the house is on a budget. You may think of starting with your light fixture; ensure it is modern to offer a great change on the kitchen. If the cabinet hardware looks old-fashioned, change them for a more desirable look. Remove all kitchen countertops and add decorative items to enhance the touch. With a bowl of fruit or a vase of flowers, you will be sure to do the trick.


  • Mirror on the wall 

You might prefer family photos or wall art, but prospective buyers may not have connection with it. On the contrary, they might be put off by it. The last thing you need is a buyer getting annoyed about the funky paintings in your living room. Replacing these décor techniques with well-placed mirrors in the rooms will make the rooms less cramped and brighter.


  • Design A White-Out Bathroom

Most hotel bathrooms are usually draped in white from the ceiling to the floor. This also happens to be one of the beat staging ideas that can be used to create the idea of spotlessness and freshness of the home. Buy white towels and put in the room for starters and purchase all-white shower curtains to create a brighter atmosphere.


  • Prepare A Table For Your Guests 

It is important to set your dining room table in the kitchen with valuable silverware, plates, and neutral table cloths. You may also add the touch with wine glasses and cloth napkins. This would ensure that the buyers begin envisioning themselves entertaining their own guests.


  • Which Pets to Consider?

Although you may love pets, this is never a selling point to potential buyers. The first order of selling is to get them out of the house. The next thing to do is to remove all the things they leave behind including toys, litter boxes, beds etc.


  • The outer look is also important

It is very true that the exterior of your home is an invitation to the inside. However, you don’t need to revamp the area with thousands of dollars. Some of the key staging ideas to consider include: hanging house numbers which are appealing from the street, lining your walkway or stairs using flower pots, and ensure your door bell works.

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