7 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need a Portable Storage Unit

A majority of small businesses often struggle with inventory control. Most of them lack enough storage units and fail to keep track of their inventory in an accurate manner. This post will shed more light on how portable storage units can provide a perfect alternative for inventory management in small businesses.

More Business Space

Portable storage units create additional space within the business. They de-clutter the offices for employees, customers and stakeholders, creating more room for flexibility in the process. The extra space created can provide enough room for storing fragile items instead of storing them in off-site stores. The space can also provide additional spot for key support services.

Reduced Cost of Hiring New Employees

Once you hire new employees, you will need to make some adjustments in the office to accommodate them. This can be very expensive ,especially if you have to create an extra space for them. Portable storage units allow you to have more space available in the business. This will prevent extra and unnecessary expenses.


Small businesses that do not have enough storage capacity often resort to leasing new buildings and warehouses to accommodate their extra storage needs. Portable units do not require additional storage. This makes it easier and cheaper for small businesses to adopt new inventory management efforts.

Low Cost of Doing Business

Renting new buildings and leasing new offices requires a lot of money. This can make the cost of doing business very high, especially for businesses that are yet to pick up. Investing in portable storage units makes business not only less costly, but it also enhances efficiency.

Improved Security

Security is a major problem for a business that keep fragile or valuable inventories. Portable storage units that are made of steel provide an effective and secure storage alternative for such businesses. The steel construction and locked doors make them inaccessible by thieves and more resistant to vandals. You can comfortably store important documents and valuable personal items in the storage units without worrying about their safety.

Easier Storage Process

The design of portable storage units makes the storage and moving process very easy. One does not need to purchase a ramp in order to move items or hire a moving company. There are no obstacles to work around when accessing the units or complex compartments to navigate through once you are inside. Not to mention, the rental time for most units are much longer than the traditional truck moving rentals.

Reduced Number of Inventory Problems

According to market researchers, lack of proper inventory control can make a business to lose customer loyalty. Investing in a minor inventory management efforts like portable storage units can create good customer experience and impact business competitiveness.

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