9 Crazy Ways to Promote Your Business through Challenge Coins

Challenge coins hail from the military where they were and still are, used to foster camaraderie among militants. Challenge coins have infiltrated the business world where they are being used to promote businesses among customer segments. Here are 9 ways in which you can promote your business by issuing challenge coins:


  • Embellish Company Logo

The logo of your company is integral to branding and keeping your business in the foreground among current and prospective customers. Complete the look by incising your tagline to make it more professional.


  • Business Cards

You can make business cards in the shape of challenge coins. This makes you stand out from industry brethren and enhances your brand image in the market.


  • Proof of Achievement

Soldiers received challenge coins as proof of achievement. Similarly, you can hold competitions and reward customers, and even employees with challenge coins. No matter how small, awards urge recipients to do more and in this case, spread word about your business.


  • Reward Points

The loyalty system is winning big as companies compete to gain customer loyalty. Issue challenge coins to customers with the most reward points at the point of sale. This will make them feel more connected to your brand.


  • Selling Merchandise

Companies like to self-promote by selling or giving away merchandise. Branding challenge coins and accompanying lanyard is an effective way of raising awareness of the business. If they are appealing enough, these coins can be re-gifted to others thus expanding awareness beyond everyday customers.


  • Marketing Campaigns

Every so often, you may hold marketing campaigns for existing products that may not be fairing so well in the market. You can use challenge coins as bait to get customers to buy more products and make your products memorable.


  • Join the Club

The military, police forces, NASA, and other agencies use challenge coins to instill a sense of brotherhood among recipients. In a similar fashion, issuing challenge coins to customers gives them entry to a special club where they get to network with others.


  • Discount Card

You can use challenge coins as unique discount tokens at specific outlets. This will encourage customers to visit these outlets more frequently so save money whilst boosting your sales volumes.


  • Write Recipes

If you are in the food industry, engrave food recipes on challenge coins and attach them to specific food items. This will boost sales of said products and encourage customers to try recipes all the in the same stride.


Challenge coins are a creative way to promote products while bolstering customer loyalty. Take it a notch higher and invite them to periodic mixers or exclusive product launches where they get a sneak peek and freebies of new products

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