How Industry Made Precise Measurements Before CMM

What is CMM? It is simply put the coordinate measuring machine. A device for measuring geometric physical areas of an object. It can be operated manually or by computer. A very ingenious and time-saving device.

How did they measure the geometric area of an object before CMM? Well, it was time-consuming and most tedious. First, they took several measurements of the object in different places. They then compared the measurements with the object that had known dimensions. They then used a standard formula to deduce the area of said object. As mentioned before it was time-consuming.

Various instruments were used to find the dimensions of the object. An outside micrometer was used to measure the outside of an object. Then again to measure the inside of the object they would use an inside micrometer. Here you get the idea of how time-consuming it is.

In the days before CMM, there was a margin of error the could and often did occur. CMM brings a whole new dynamic to the industry. Yes, the machines can be very expensive, but the productivity and quickness of the job out-weigh the cost. It is applied to many different types of materials and project formats.

Before CMM a project would be commissioned and depending on the size and difficulty of the project you could be looking at and many days before completion. There could be mistakes in the calculations because of the human factor involved. Then the project would need to be corrected or sometimes abandoned and start over.

Gone are the days when such things as a tape measure are used in the industrial field of project implementation. Tape measures are of course used these days, but with less intensity than in the past. As talked about before the physical hands-on method is a thing of the past.

The CMM has many different applications and there is no real physical measurement applied. It is solely done by laser. The human factor for error is reduced significantly. This happens because of laser technology. The fact that the machines can be operated completely by computer minimizes the potential for human error.

In industry, they had to take baby steps in the industrial revolution. They certainly had to start somewhere. That’s where most things start is from small steps to build to a better understanding of how to do quicker more quality work. Technology plays an enormous role in this.

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