How to Choose the Best Retractable Awning for Your Home

With the spring season just around the corner, a retractable awning is a great addition to your home. It helps to make the outside around your home more pleasant by providing shade directly under and around the area. It’s ideal for your family to enjoy a scrumptious barbecue and some good company. However, choosing the right awning for your home is important. Here are some tips on doing that.

Pick the Material

Retractable awnings are available in a variety of materials. Depending on your specific preferences in terms of look and purpose, you can opt for one material over another. However, there are two that are the most common for homes: fabric and aluminum. When you choose fabric awnings, they are available in a wider range of colors but need more maintenance. Aluminum awnings are generally sturdier and don’t usually require maintenance, but they are limited in terms of color and design.

Select the Angle

When it comes to choosing a retractable awning for your home, the angle of the awning is frequently overlooked. However, it’s an important aspect for the awning’s overall function. If you plan to have it installed on the east or west portion of your home, you should consider an angle of 65 to 75 degrees for best results. If you plan on installing it on the north or south portion, you can have an angle as steep as 45 to 60 percent.

Choose the Side Panels

Side panels are a good option for retractable awnings. They give off both a different architectural look and feel and can add even greater coverage at various angles. As a result, your family and friends can enjoy even more shade or refuge from the rain while under certain areas of the awning where they would otherwise have more access to sun or rain.

Select the Size

You should also the size that is appropriate for the specific location where you will be placing your retractable awning. A small awning is great as a decorative addition. A larger awning, on the other hand, serves a practical purpose in helping to provide more shade and coverage to the area outside your home.

Choose the Style

There are various styles you can choose for your retractable awning as well. Generally speaking, you want to get a style that matches the look of your home. There are awnings appropriate for dome style, waterfall, semi-circular entrances and more.

Pick Your Color

Finally, you will want to choose the right color for your awning. Just like the style, you will want to pick a color that generally matches or at least complements the color or overall look of your home. Lighter colors tend to work best since they allow the area to be cooler.

Use these tips to your advantage when choosing the best retractable awning for your home. You and your family will get to reap the rewards the awning offers for many years to come.

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