How to Make 3D Glasses at Home

With the return of 3D films and other 3D technologies, 3D glasses are increasing in popularity. The glasses work by forcing your eyes to see two different images shown on the screen. When your brain puts these two images together, it creates a 3 dimensional effect. You probably want a pair of these glasses for yourself so you can enjoy 3D viewing at home. While you can find the glasses for sale, you can also make your own. This post will give you a couple of different methods for making 3D glasses at home. Both methods are very simple, inexpensive, and require few materials.

To make a standard pair of glasses, you will need poster board, scissors, clear tape, a template for the glasses, which can be found at this website, sheets of red and blue acetate. You can find the acetate at most art supply stores.

You will begin by cutting out the template, including the eyeholes. Then, tape the sides of the glasses to the center section. This will serve as a template for you to make your glasses. You will now trace the stencil onto the posterboard and cut out. Do not forget to cut out the eyeholes.

Cut a piece of acetate in red and in blue to go behind the eyeholes. Make sure the pieces are slightly larger than the eyeholes, but not so large as to stick out from the sides. Tape the acetate inside the glasses, being careful not to cover the actual eyehole with tape. It is important that the blue acetate goes over the right eye and the red acetate goes over the left eye. If you mix the colors up, 3D images will not be properly rendered.

You can add to your glasses by decorating the cardboard. Why not give them a fun sci-fi design that harkens back to the 1950s when 3D viewing first became popular?

For an even easier method to make 3D glasses, you only need a blank CD case or a pair of clear goggles and blue and red permanent markers. Simply color the CD or the goggles with the permanent markers, remember that your right eye should be covered with blue and your left eye should be covered with red.

Once you have made your 3D glasses, you are ready to view some 3D images. It is easy to find 3D books or 3D video to view online. You can also create your own 3D images and use your new glasses to view them.

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