How To Make Your Van Wheelchair Accessible

If you or someone you love has recently gotten into an accident or had something happen to them that requires you or them to go into a wheelchair, the changes to daily routines are going to be drastic. You will have to completely figure life out once again and adapt to needs that they have now that you never thought of before. You will more than likely jump straight to making your home wheelchair accessible and easy to get around in with a wheelchair, but what you probably don’t immediately think about is your car. Aside from your home, making your vehicle wheelchair accessible is the most important thing to meeting the needs of the person now bound to a chair. This is much easier if you already have or plan on getting a van that is either full-sized or minivan. When you have one of these vans, you can invest in a few small components and turn your van into something accessible all on your own! The process of making your van wheelchair accessible is more commonly known as wheelchair van conversion.
Invest in proper lifts
The first thing you need to do is buy the proper lifts and/or ramps. Without one of these components, it will be at least a three-person job to get the chair in or out of the van. Getting a proper lift or ramp will make getting the wheelchair in and out of the car easy and most importantly, safe. You can find the right type of lift or ramp on the internet by entering your vehicle type.
Look for the driving kit
Most wheelchair-bound people are still able to drive if they are given the right tools. These tools known as driving kits can be ordered online and a regular van can be fitted with the kit which will allow you to drive the car with hand controls so you can drive safely even if your legs don’t work!
3.) Remove back seating of the van
A van can become wheelchair friendly by simply removing the seats in the back. Once you take the chairs out, the wheelchair can roll right up the newly installed lift or ramp into the van without anything in the way. There are kits that you can order which will strap the wheelchair into place so it is secure and won’t move when the van starts to move.
Converting your van into one that is wheelchair accessible can be a daunting task, is not so easy as just ordering and installing a kit off of the internet. You may be able to install the ramp on your own, but it is wise to get a certified professional who can do the rest of the work for you so the needs of you or your loved ones are fully met.

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