How to Save on Maternity Clothes: 5 Helpful Tips

You are finally pregnant and so looking forward to motherhood. Unfortunately, the expense of becoming parent is just starting to hit you, and you desperately need some attractive maternity clothing that fits you well. Some great methods of filling up your closets and drawers with these much needed tops, pants, and dresses include:

Borrow the Clothing
If you have friends or family members who have recently given birth, ask them if you can temporarily borrow their maternity outfits. Assure them that you will return them clean and in good condition. When you are finished with them, give them back with a small token of appreciation for the entire family or for the baby.

Watch for Sales
Keep an eye out for local store sales especially during Black Friday, right after the holidays, and after each season. You can pick up some quality clothing for so much less than regular pricing. Keep an eye out for store coupons also. They can help you get a huge percentage off of even the sale pricing.

Purchase From a Thrift or Consignment Shop
If you are on a tight budget or just love the soft, well-worn feel of used clothing, thrift shops often have several racks of maternity wear in stock. These are sold pennies on the dollar, and you can really get some excellent buys. For even more savings, check into special sales or value days that they may hold either weekly or monthly.

Purchase Online
Online stores do not have the overhead of a physical building, utilities, extra staff, and management. Therefore their clothing may be much less expensive than those purchased at a mall or shopping center. It may be advisable to order just one item to discern the quality levels and the extra shipping and handling costs that may be involved before you place any larger orders. Some online stores sell both gently used clothing and overstock items.

Get Your Money Back After the Pregnancy is Over
A future method of getting return on your money spent on maternity clothes is to sell them after you have given birth. Many consignment shops specialize in these types of clothing and some shops that sell children’s clothing are only too happy to sell maternity clothes also.

As is evident, there are many ways to save on maternity clothes. You will be the most glowing and beautiful mother-to-be when you take the time to select items that look great on you and that are within your budget. The money you save can be put toward many other important necessities, and when you have your next child, you will know exactly what to do.

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