How to Tell Which Mattress is Right for You

Enjoying your sleep depends on several factors. These factors include room temperature, comfort, and type of mattress. Have you ever imagined how uncomfortable you will feel lying on a thin bed?


Before making any purchase, you should take a stroll down the aisle, doing a bit of window shopping. It will help you know the features and price comparison of various mattresses. According to Arya Nick Shamie, a professor of orthopedic surgery, the bed you sleep on should support your body’s neutral position with your entire body being correctly aligned.


When shopping for a mattress, you must test it by laying down on every mattress in your favorite sleeping position. Take at least 10 ten to 15 minutes on it.


Too firm and very soft mattresses can cause back pains. However, there is no need to worry, keep scrolling through the article to learn essential tips to tell which mattress is right.


Innerspring Mattresses


Innerspring is a commonly used mattress. They have individually enclosed coil springs that give you support. The coil springs are attached individually to prevent them from popping out of bed. Pillows, latex, and memory foam are put on top to offer comfort. Ensure the coil count of your mattress does not exceed 390.


Innerspring mattresses have many advantages. They come in a variety of sizes and firmness, have a pillow on top, and are pocket friendly to purchase. Spring mattresses are right for overweight people and those with back pain problems.


Memory Foam Mattress


As years go by, memory foam mattresses keep on rising in terms of popularity. The mattress contour to different body shapes hence giving you the comfort you desire. To respond to weight and temperature, they are made of varied layers densities of foam.


Some people value this type of mattress because they are made to fit your body’s weight and shape. Also, they control pressure points and gives you comfort by relieving any pains. However, since the mattress is temperature-sensitive, it can make your body temperature rise during the night.


Latex Mattresses


Often, this type of mattress is made from either synthetic rubber or natural rubber. They are popular for being firm and bouncy. Latex mattresses have an excellent combination of support and comfort, which is vital in relieving back pain.


Air Mattresses


Most people tend to mistake blow-up mattresses for air mattresses. This type of mattress features air-filled chambers and, on top of it, a foam layer. They are often used by patients with spinal cord injuries spending most of their time in bed. They are adjustable, and you can alter firmness on each side of the bed.


It is time to think about purchasing a new mattress. Remember, sleep is vital for both physical and mental growth. For you to save your body from poor sleep, you need a quality mattress that works best for your body size and weight.

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