How to Transition Your Winter Wardrobe Into a Spring Wardrobe

Winter is here, but spring isn’t far away. For many, this is the season when getting dressed in the morning is a little trickier than it is any other time of year. It’s cold in the morning, but the temperature can go up a good 30 degrees before the afternoon arrives. You go from freezing in 40-degree weather to enjoying the beautiful 70-degree temperature before lunch. It makes getting dressed a challenge, which is why it’s time to learn how to transition your winter wardrobe into a spring wardrobe.

Buy Over the Knee Boots

Here’s a chance for you to really stand out as someone fashion forward and on top of her game. It’s too cold for sandals, but you could get away with a dress with long sleeves all day long. How about pairing a long-sleeve dress with a pair of over-the-knee boots to keep you warm in the morning and cool in the afternoon? It’s a perfect transition staple.

Change Your Colors 

Sometimes it’s as easy as choosing blanket scarves in light, bright, colorful patterns to take you from winter to spring. If it’s really cold where you are, this might be the best option if it’s still snowing and too cold. Winter wear is so traditionally dark, so why not take your winter wear into a more spring-like state with fun colors, bold patterns, and some fun florals? It’s a perfect way to boost your mood and get you looking forward to more comfortable weather.

Wear Blazers

You can change your entire look with a fun boyfriend blazer. It’s a little bigger and looser than your traditional blazer, so that makes it a bit more fun. You can pair it with pants and sandals, with a dress, or with shorts and a tank if you want. You can make this piece so versatile you can’t even stand to put it away when the spring weather is finally here full time. It’s fun to take your winter coat from your everyday rotation for something a little lighter and more fun.

Bid Farewell to Jeans

You don’t need to wear your jeans every day this season if the temperature isn’t freezing. Forgo those heavy pants for something more fun, like a pair of faux-leather leggings. Pair them with dresses, tunics, and other long tops to help you fight the winter blues. You feel a little lighter, a lot prettier, and you get to enjoy the weather change throughout the day rather than suffering through it with too many heavy pieces.

Transitioning from winter to spring is easier for some people than it is for others. Floridians, for example, might have an easier transition than someone in Minnesota. This is the time of year you simply cannot predict the weather from one day to the next, so it’s best to simply focus on simple wardrobe changes you can use as your transitional pieces.

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