The Top Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Moving is a tedious yet, oftentimes, a necessary part of life. Whether it’s for new career opportunities or to accommodate a growing family, people move. If you’re planning to move soon, here are six common moving mistakes and how to avoid them:

Start Packing Too Late 

The amount of time you need to pack should be based on how much stuff you need to haul out. Giving yourself one week to pack a two-bedroom apartment’s worth of possessions won’t cut it. Months in advance, you should start boxing items that you don’t need to use, such as trinkets, decors, picture frames, winter clothing, and mattress covers.

Let Your Property Manager Know at the Last Minute 

If you are renting an apartment unit or house, make sure to let the landlord and property manager know at least one month in advance. This is important for two reasons – your landlord will allot a specific date when you can transport large items, such as furniture and appliances, through the service elevator and exit, and so that your property manager doesn’t bill you for the month that you’re moving out.

Throw Out Junk Instead of Selling Them 

With apps, like Letgo and OfferUp, you can easily sell items. Once you set a moving date, start sorting your stuff. Take photos of any items that you don’t need, such as your TV screeen, computer monitor, guitar, etc. Post the photos on the apps and wait for offers. Throwing out items that you no longer need but are still in perfectly good condition is a lost opportunity to make money.

Skimping on Movers 

If you have a lot of stuff to move, don’t be a hero; hire a mover to help you. It could cost you more to move the items yourself rather than hire professionals who have the tools and manpower to do it. You could be spending money on packing materials, moving vehicle and insurance, and any possible property damages incurred from your move. That being said, make sure to research your chosen mover.

Having Kids and Pets Around 

If they can’t help you move or pack stuff, move them out of the way. A smooth move depends on a systematic, unobstructed flow of traffic. Leave your pets and children at a friend’s or relative’s place or at daycare.

Not Having Any Cleaning Products 

Moving isn’t just about packing and hauling stuff; you’ll want to leave the property in pristine condition to maximize its resale value if you’re selling the property or to get back your security deposit if you’re renting.

Moving should mark the start of a fresh new life for you and your family. Don’t make it stressful by falling into these common pitfalls.

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