Who We Are

We are a blog written by talented young college journalism majors. We are proud to present some of the most exciting and innovative work by these young writers. We believe that it is important for young people to really find their voice and speak out on issues that are important to them without the influence of the existing media. This space allows these promising young students to speak their mind and reach out to their peers as well as people of all ages without fear of judgement.


We publish content on all topics, and we encourage our writers to cover events and issues that are really important to them and that they have a passion for. To read more about the topics that we cover, head over to our ‘what we write’ page. We also aim to really create a community of open-minded readers who are interested in learning more about the world around them and discussing hot-button issues. We love responding to our readers, and we encourage you to comment on our articles. We just ask that you please be respectful of other readers and keep conversation friendly and non-aggressive.


We encourage you to follow us on social media as well. This is where we answer questions, talk with our readers, take topic suggestions, and even post bonus content. You’ll be updated when we post new content as well, and you can share it with your friends if you would like. Interested in writing for us? All of our writers must come up through the school’s journalism department. If you are a student who is interested in the program, head over to their site to find out more abou thow you can apply. Writers for this blog are selected through several of our upper-level classes.