3 Projects to Try Using Hydro Dipping Film

Hydro dipping, or water transferring, is a way to apply designs to three-dimensional surfaces. Hydro dipping can be used on many different types of materials like metal, plastic, glass, and hardwoods to create a unique design on your things. You can learn more about what hydro dipping is , but what are the best things to use hydro dipping on? In this post, you’ll read about the three best hydro dipping projects you can do at home.


Hydro dipping a pair of shoes or sneakers can be a fun and easy way to make a unique and one of a kind pair of shoes for yourself. Fill a clean, empty bucket with water and splash spray in. Sink the shoes in the water for about a minute and leave them to dry for 24 hours. Hydro dipping is an easy, money-saving way to make your old shoes feel new again.

Small Appliances

It may sound surprising, but you can also hydro dip your smaller kitchen appliances and fixtures for an interesting kitchen remodel. Some small kitchen appliances that are seen hydro dipped include mixers and microwaves to name just a few. Using hydro dip film on small appliances like your mixer or toaster can give you more designs and patterns than you could imagine from tie-dye to leopard print. It’s all up to you and your creativity.

Mugs and Cups

A nice mug has been a go-to gift option for as long as we can remember, and custom mugs have been just as popular. Hydro dipping can make it easy to customize mugs, cups, and tumblers at home and for a much more affordable price than paying to have a manufacturer make the custom designs. Hydro dipping a mug can be as easy as filling a basin with water and adding drops of paint or nail polish to create your own unique designs and color combinations. Hydro dipped mugs can make a great gift from the heart made with love and hard work.

When you’ve hydro dipped your shoes, mixers, and mugs, make sure to seal them with a clear coat for a cool, long-lasting design. Hydro dipping is a fun activity that anyone can do. From kids having a fun party hydro dip party with friends to adults getting into a new hobby or business endeavor, hydro dripping is a unique and personal DIY project. See more examples of fun hydro dipping project ideas on Pinterest.

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