3 Ways to Save on Your Next Cell Phone Bill

As more users use cell phones daily, cell phone bills are skyrocketing. Smart, frugal shoppers will reduce the phone bill to an affordable amount. Become like those frugal shoppers and let these solutions encourage you to find legitimate answers to this growing problem.

No Contract
A one or two-year phone plan sounds perceptive in the short-term. Customers signed to contracts realize it’s not a good idea in the long term. The locked-in phone plan, inflexible payments, unavoidable termination fee, and replacement phone restrictions sound like a nightmare. Don’t fall for the “free phone with a two-year plan” line. Agree to pay for the phone (and/or replacement phone) full price or in installments instead. After customers pay off the phone fully, the monthly bill decreases. This is due to finances going toward the phone instead of a phone and additional fees as the contract expects. You get the phone without the expensive contract.

Reduce Data Usage
Videos, video games, podcasts, and music streaming eat up data plans. The best data plans come from users who monitor data usage and select a plan to suit their needs. To select the perfect plan, review past bills. Next, evaluate web surfing habits with a data-measuring app or website. An example is My Data Manager or Onavo’s apps. Then, compare data plans from your phone carrier. Select the right data plan for your habits.

A second way to reduce data usage is to shut off unused applications. Apps running in the background use up phone data plans and drain the battery. To ensure no apps run in the background without your knowledge, turn off mobile data connection. Only turn on mobile data connection for places not offering free Wi-Fi. Additionally, turn off background updates listed under settings.

The final answer is to download interesting podcasts, videos, and music to the phone, tablet, or computer. A downloaded podcast, video, or song eats fewer data resources than streaming it in real time.

Eliminate Extras
Extra features added to the phone sounds good at first. After using the phone awhile, users know whether the phone insurance, paid voicemail services, call waiting, and roadside assistance is worth it. If you don’t use it, lose it. Remove unused extras from the phone plan. In turn, the phone contains the exact features you use while lowering the bill’s amount. A phone with basic features receives a lower bill than a phone packed with features.

If cell phone prices are a problem, it is your responsibility to reduce cell phone payments. This is just an exhaustive list of many strategies out there to reduce cell phone payments. Seek out the cell phone carrier to reduce these dilemmas by contacting them.

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