4 Benefits of Rolling Your Own Cigars

Major companies that process and distribute cigars are now conforming to the market demand of roll-you-own cigars. They are now willing to sell fresh and whole tobacco leaves, and they are even marketing the products aggressively. You may not have noticed, but young people’s preference to rolling their own cigars over buying ready-made ones is increasing as days go by. Roll your own cigars are popularly referred to as rolls, rollies, burns and rolls or roll-ups. It is a curious fact, but the reasons for the new trend are obvious. The following are four benefits of rolling your own cigars.

  1. Rolling your own cigars helps to quit tobacco products.

You are likely to smoke more tobacco if you buy ready-made cigars than if you roll them for yourself. Rolling cigars takes time and effort while ready-made cigars need no effort at all. You are likely to find it harder chain-smoking if you roll cigars for yourself. In fact, some rehabilitation centers use roll-ups to slowly wean addicted smokers out of excessive smoking. Nonetheless, the best way to reduce your tobacco consumption is to exercise strong will and self-discipline.

  1. You avoid smoking thousands of toxic chemical additives.

The thing about cigars is that they should be rolled with high-quality tobacco leaves so that they can retain a rich flavor. Unfortunately, most companies take very long to process and distribute cigars, and they often end up losing that rich and natural flavor. To compensate for the staleness and reduced potency, they put additives to hook you. However, when you roll your own cigars, you know exactly what you are smoking. Long ago, before Europeans conquered America, the natives used to live long lives while smoking tobacco. That is because they used to smoke pure tobacco without the toxic additives.

  1. Roll-your-own cigars reduce the chance of death after heart attacks.

What are the odds that cigars can actually be good for your health? Statistics indicate that people who smoke roll-your-own cigars are more likely to survive heart attacks than non-smokers. Even more surprisingly, past health records across different states indicate that heart attacks are more common in non-smoking adults than in people who smoke roll-ups.

  1. It is a cheaper way to smoke.

Commercial producers of cigars include a lot of surcharges in their pricing. They use more ingredients that you would use to prepare your own cigar. Apart from the additives, you must pay for the processing and distribution cost. You also incur the cost of retailing profit. At the end of the day, commercially prepared cigars cost more for less. In fact, you can smoke twice as much tobacco, in high quality; if you roll your own cigars than if you buy ready-made ones.

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