4 Benefits of Synthetic Motor Oil

Engine oil functions by lubricating key parts and components of a vehicle’s engine, protecting them from the potential damages that may be caused by heat and friction. Selecting the right oil for a vehicle is not a matter that owners can afford to overlook. The quality of oil can make a big difference and synthetic oils that may offer superior protection can be well worth a little extra cost.

1. Reduced Friction and Wear

Engine oil coats the numerous interior engine parts that are essential to its operation. Synthetic oils that have been specifically manufactured in order to provide superior viscosity can help to minimize the heat, friction and wear that parts are subjected to. Many organic motor oils are unable to rival the performance of their synthetic counterparts.

2. Enhanced Protection

Motor oil that is of poor quality may be unable to provide the level of protection that is required to avoid a breakdown or other mechanical issue. High-performance engines and those that see continuous service often require a level of enhanced protection that conventional oils may be simply unable to provide. High-quality synthetic oils help to ensure that even parts and engine components that are subject to extreme stress are less likely to wear out or fail.

3. Superior Temperature Tolerance

An internal combustion engine produces a lot of heat. Motor oil that has been exposed to temperatures that are too high may begin to break down, losing some of their viscosity and decreasing the overall level of protection that they are able to provide. Synthetic oils can often withstand much higher temperatures than organic oils before they begin to break down. Engines that utilize a supercharger, turbocharger or that have been engineered to provide the most performance and power output possible often require an oil that is able to withstand extreme temperatures.

4. Longer Lifespan

Oils that have been created to last as long as possible help to minimize the need for vehicle maintenance. Cars and trucks that are driven frequently and vehicles that are expected to see high mileage within a relatively short period of time are ideally suited for the longer lifespan that only a synthetic oil is able to offer.

Choosing the Right Oil

Not every vehicle or engine may be able to accommodate a synthetic oil. Using the wrong oil, even oils that may be of higher overall quality, could lead to issues and problems that drivers would do well to avoid. Learning more about oil and oil changes helps to ensure that vehicle owners are able to make more informed and effective choices regarding which oil to use in their engine.

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