4 Craft Items to Gift to an Elementary School Teacher

It’s no secret that elementary school teachers are the superheroes in our lives. Not only do they take care of our children on a daily basis, but they also spend hours of their own time and money outside of work to do so. This is why it’s so important to help teachers in their quest to educate the youth, as they are frequently doing it out of a labor of love.


Because teachers typically pay out of pocket for all of the supplies they use in the classroom, giving the gift of craft supplies is always a good idea for anyone looking to surprise the teacher in their life with something they can use.


To help you decide just which craft items are worth gifting to a teacher, we’ve made a list of 4 Craft Items to Gift to an Elementary School Teacher:


#1. Scissors


Scissors are a great craft-related gift to give to an elementary school teacher as they are always useful in a variety of different settings. Even if the teacher is preparing lesson plans and needs to cut paper for the class, scissors are a great option. There are also craft-specific scissors that are great for a teacher who wants to lead her class in a craft workshop!


#2. Glue


Nothing helps a classroom stick together like some glue. Because children can be so messy and typically require time to understand concepts surrounding using supplies efficiently, glue is always a strained resource in an elementary school classroom. Getting a child-friendly, non-toxic glue can be a great way to save the teacher some time and make sure they never run out!


#3. Customized Pencils


Any teacher can benefit from a large set of new pencils, but it can be even more special to give a teacher pencils that are engraved with their name. Not only can this help them always have pencils ready, but it can also prevent any of the pencils from being lost from the room—they’ll always know which pencils came from where!


#4. Crayons


Children love crayons—period. This is why they’re a great gift to donate to a teacher. Not only do they never go out of style, but they also work for many different craft projects. Whether it’s adding flourishes to a class project or simply getting creative on paper, crayons are a great gift to give an elementary school teacher.


If you want to go above and beyond with this gift, getting the teacher multiple sets of different color palettes is a great option.

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