4 Qualities to Look for When Purchasing Cigars

There are a lot of reasons why you may want to enter the cigar buying market, including the fact they have joined fine wines and art as an alternative investment opportunity, according to the BBC. Purchasing cigars is a complex thing to do whether you are buying a reasonably priced version or you are looking to make an investment with one of the world’s more expensive options. Cuban cigars are often seen as the gold standard of stogie’s as this is the only country in the world to produce all the parts of the cigar, the wrapper, filler, and binder, CNN reports.

1. Find a trusted tobacconist

In the 1990s, the major fear for those in the cigar industry was of a coming collapse which was spared by musicians, celebrities, and politicians appearing in specialist magazines and in the mainstream media. Tobacconists have become a major part of the cigar industry as they have grown up in most cities and offer a range of cigar options. One of the most important things for a cigar smoker is to find a tobacconist they trust who will give them good advice about which cigar to choose t suit their tastes.

2. Be prepared to ask questions

For many cigar smokers, the tobacconist’s store is something akin to a trip to church or a favorite sporting bar. When you enter and want to get a little help, the majority of workers and even customers will be happy to discuss their favorite cigars and cigar smoking experiences. Among the questions you should be ready to give an answer to is how long you will spend smoking your cigar at each sitting. This will help you to find the right size and shape to suit your needs.

3. Start out mild

Over the course of your cigar smoking career, you will see your tastes change when it comes to different types and textures of a cigar. When you are first purchasing cigars it is best to start off with a mild cigar and slowly building your palette for the future.

4. Buy a few varieties at a time

When you are looking to start buying and smoking cigars it is best to speak with an expert and get a few different varieties at a time. You can look to sample those rolled in the Dominican Republic, Cuba, or any other Central American nation.

Purchasing a cigar is an experience you should enjoy and only complete when you are ready with the correct knowledge. Starting out with a mild, enjoyable cigar is a good starting point to moving onward towards finding your own favorite cigar. If you are buying cigars purely to start to enjoy the smoking experience you should start out slowly and cheaply before moving into different areas to find your favorite type of cigar.

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