4 Reasons Every Woman Should Have a Little Black Dress

The little black dress is one of the most popular and versatile parts of a wardrobe and can be worn in many different environments. The LBD is usually credited with being born from the creative minds working with Coco Chanel at the historic Paris fashion house, according to Marie Claire. Audrey Hepburn popularized the little black dress in her performance as Holly Golightly in the movie, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

1. You can wear it anywhere

One of the reasons behind the birth of the little black dress by Chanel was the desire for a garment that could be worn almost anywhere by anybody. When you invest in a little black dress you are giving yourself the option of dressing it up for a special event or dressing it down for an everyday event. The option of wearing a stunning dress is one that has been enjoyed by millions of women since the early-20th-century which coincided with the arrival of women working full-time during the World Wars and beyond.

2. The perfect standby

The Wise Half reports the little black dress has been one of the leading backup garments for women around the world. You may find yourself enjoying the last minute date or an invite to a party that comes in the hours before the event is due to start. Having an LBD in your closet is one of the best things you can do to make sure you always have a dress to fall back on when you have to get ready for an event at very little notice.

3. Slimming and can be worn anywhere

The color black has always been one we all love for its ability to make us look slim and flatter a range of body shapes. A little black dress can be slimming and flattering when you may not be feeling your best because you know you always look your best when you are hoping to attend an event. A little black dress can be one of the best investments you make because it can be worn in any environment and make you feel your best at all times.

4. Enjoy the glamor of the LBD

The little black dress is one of the most glamorous choices you can make when you are building your fashion wardrobe. What most of us enjoy most about a little black dress is the fact it can make you feel more glamorous than in your everyday life.

The little black dress has remained a staple of the wardrobes of millions of women around the world. Among the celebrities who have popularized the LBD include Princess Diana, Elizabeth Hurley, and Victoria Beckham. The little black dress will continue to be a staple of every wardrobe for years to come and remains a classic of the fashion industry.

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