4 Reasons To Schedule Your Yearly Furnace Inspection

Of all the things we have to take care of in our homes, the furnace is probably the most neglected. As long as it’s keeping the temperature where we want it, we assume everything is okay, and we don’t even talk to our HVAC contractor until something goes wrong.

The problem with this is that there can be something going wrong with the system long before it shows any signs of trouble. There may not be noises or noticeable performance deficiencies, but there can still be a serious problem with your system.

That’s where you can benefit from a yearly furnace inspection, and it’s just the beginning of the benefits. Here are four reasons why you should get a contractor to come check out your system once a year.

1. Catching Problems Early
We’ve already touched on this, but let’s look at it in more detail. It is much easier to prevent a furnace breakdown than it is to fix one after it occurs. Sometimes one bad part will damage others, forcing repairs on all of them instead of the initial culprit. Worse yet, a carbon monoxide problem can develop and endanger your family’s lives. Annual inspections will let you nip those problems in the bud, saving you money, trouble, and danger.

2. Energy Efficiency
A good inspection will involve a thorough cleaning as well as sealing of any gaps that may have formed. Dirty systems require more energy to operate, and leaks allow your warm air to escape without ever traveling to the living space, forcing the system to run longer. Annual inspections wrap up these problems and save you money.

3. Your Family’s Health
Cleaner systems aren’t just more efficient, they’re also better for your family’s health. Frequent removal of accumulated dust can help prevent problems with asthma or allergies, and annual inspections can take care of that. They may also indicate when it’s time for a complete duct cleaning in the house.

4. System Warranties
Just as you may not have full coverage on a car warranty when you haven’t changed the oil as directed, you could jeopardize your furnace warranty if you haven’t done annual inspections. This can turn into a big financial blow, because not only do you lose warranty protection, you have also paid money for a voided warranty.

An annual investment in an inspection of your furnace can easily pay for itself if it just prevents one breakdown over a period of years. On top of that, it can pay real dividends for your family’s health and finances by preventing illness and lowering energy costs. Your furnace is a great example of how an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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