4 Reasons You Need to Have a Tree Removed

Trees are beautiful and provide shelter from the sun and weather. They can add resale value to a property and provide fruits and nuts. However, trees have their problems. Disease, storm damage, and insect damage can shorten their lives. Sometimes a healthy tree creates difficulties for a property owner.
If a dying or dead tree stands on a property, is it best to let nature take its course until the tree falls on its own? This is an unpredictable and unsafe option. Tree removal is the responsible choice for problem trees located anywhere near residential or commercial properties. The reasons to have it removed are too important to leave the situation to chance. How can you tell if a tree is a likely candidate for removal? Here are four reasons to consider having a tree removed.

Liability Issues

A dead or dying tree is a hazard for any property. Wind or heavy rain can bring it down onto a roof. This may result in a building being condemned. Dead trees can damage cars and injure people. These are liability issues for business owners or homeowners.

The Tree Is No Longer Producing

A tree that is leafless or fruitless has lived beyond its usefulness. The bark flakes off, and holes hint at a hollow core. Branches fall easily. Diseases can spread from that tree to others nearby.

Too Close To A House

Healthy trees can present problems. A previous homeowner may have planted a sapling close to the house. Its branches now rub against the windows. The roots undermine sidewalks and water lines. It’s better to remove troublesome trees and plant new ones in better locations.

The Immediate Environment

Trees provide shade during hot weather. They can also block out the sun. This encourages the growth of mosses, mold, and mildew. Trees will make gardening extremely difficult when they block sunlight and soak up the nutrients from the soil. Trees that drop seeds, fruit, flowers, and leaves create yard work. They stain outdoor patios and furniture. They can make parts of the property unusable.


It’s not necessary to replace trees, but homeowners can harvest seeds from a favorite tree before removal. They can plan where their new trees will grow while preserving the natural heritage of their property.
Consider carefully before removing a tree. Friends and professionals can provide information during the decision process. A tree doctor can advise you on the condition of a tree. Landscapers and gardeners can help you decide as well. Your local electric company may offer free estimates for professional tree removal. Ultimately, the decision is yours. Your timing may be the most important part of that decision.

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