4 Reasons Your Marketing Department Should Consider 3D Glasses

There are four essential reasons that marketing departments should consider 3D Glasses.

Reason # 1 Age Related Popularity
3D glasses are popular among a specific segment of the population. This population consists mainly of kids, teens and young adults, the marketer’s prime marketing market. This would not seem feasible because this is a segment of the population that rarely has any expendible money. Although this is usually true, marketers have found this to be a niche for many of their clients. It boils down to simply who controls the purse strings in a family. Normally the kids in a family control the purse strings, have an immense degree of influence and power a s to what purchases are made that have anything to do with them. So with marketers tipping so much of their content to that segment anyway, trends and popular ideas and gadgets will always be things that are good to use in their arsenals.

Reason # 2 They Grab Attention
Attention getters are always good marketing tools. Sometimes the consumer has to be broached. You don’t want to go blaring at him with all kinds of bells and whistles and scare him away. 3D Glasses can be a subtle yet effective way to spark an interest in a product. 3D Glasses can be thought of as the highway that the consumer would drive along to find out about a specific product.

Reason # 3 They Are The Place Where The Product Is Advertised
Once the 3D Glasses do their work of grabbing the attention of the consumer, they can then do their secondary function of educating the consumer about the product. The education can be fun and entertaining, yet informative, and it can be packed with the numerous reasons the consumer should buy a product. This is a good tool for kids who could seemingly interact with and be affected by advertising that is designed to be fun and enjoyable. These kinds of ads can be age-appropriate so as to develop an interest for a product on a level that the child or young adult can relate to.

Reason # 4 They Are Aids In Making The Decision To Purchase
3D Glasses are a platform that can easily be used to aid in purchase decisions. They can be compared to the concept of test-driving a car to get a feel for how the vehicle runs and to determine if this would be the best vehicle to purchase. The 3D Glasses give the consumer the test drive experience through 3 dimensional viewing of the product. Viewing the product in 3D, the consumer gets a virtual idea of how a product would satisfy whatever need or want that they have as far as having an interest in the product goes.

3D Glasses can make a sale to the consumer in a fun and entertaining way, so they are very useful tools for the more sought after segment of the population that many markers seek out.

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