4 Ways Fishnet Stockings Will Boost Your Confidence

From classic pinup stars like Marilyn Monroe to modern-day supermodels like Kate Moss, fishnet stockings have been making fashion history since the 1920s. The hosiery is feminine, sexy and trending once again as fishnets add lovely textural interest to any kind of ensemble. Fishnets with their unique, open diamond-shaped knit give every silhouette a glamorous, sleek line.

Here are four ways that fishnet stockings can amp up your confidence:

1. Edge Of The Fashion Front

When you put on a pair of fishnet stockings, you are truly elevating your style, according to fashion icon Olivia Palermo. She says that the famous hosiery is enjoying a major comeback in 2020 with top designers like Dior, Tom Ford, Michael Kors and Comme des Garçons sending their models down the runway showing off fishnet stockings.

The hosiery is an affordable accessory, turns heads and looks fabulous peeking out from jeans, paired with miniskirts or gracing ladylike suits.

2. All Legs Look Better

Supermodel icon Christie Brinkley often wears hosiery, including fishnet stockings, depending on the occasion. She knows that hosiery instantly perfects every pair of legs. Even superstar models may have an imperfection or two like a few broken capillaries along the calves or sunspots or psoriasis, for example.

Stockings create a flawless look, and fishnets add extra pizazz.

Brinkley doesn’t go bare and told the L.A. Times that, “putting on lightweight stockings makes everything look smooth and nice. Garters with stockings are the sexiest [she laughs], but pantyhose are practical.”

3. A Personality Changer

When you put on a pair of fishnet stockings, you feel differently in them. In other words, the hosiery allows you to stand out and play the role of a sexy, rebellious, independent or ladylike gal, for instance.

A pair of fishnets is the kind of fashion accessory that can take a shy woman and boost her spirit by adding a layer of poise and fearlessness to any room she enters.

4. Legs Can Move Freely

Fishnet stockings not only look amazing on every woman’s body type, but this kind of hosiery’s material allows for excellent flexibility.

When you’re wearing regular pantyhose, you have to be careful entering and exiting cars, bending over, etc. because you could rip the delicate nylon fabric.

The exquisite design of the open diamond-shaped knit allows your body to move more freely.

Fishnet stockings are a timeless fashion staple that can go from casual to formal. These days, you can find fishnet stockings in a variety of colors, including nude fishnets for daytime ensembles. If you’re looking to amp up your style, this is an easy way to do it.

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