5 Benefits of Owning a Laser Engraver

The laser industry is growing quickly in America, and it isn’t hard to see why. Recent improvements to laser technology have made laser engraving tools more useful than ever, so more and more people are purchasing them. They have a lot to offer to a variety of businesses, so every entrepreneur should consider the benefits of owning one.


Laser engravers can put images on to a huge variety of materials, including wood, plastic, and metal. Other engraving techniques tend to be much more specialized, which forces businesses to either restrict their work to a smaller number of objects or to train their workers in multiple methods. That means laser engravers can save money and increase the options available to the business, which makes them a very valuable tool.


Engraving is always a time-consuming process, but laser engravers work much faster than many of the alternatives. This is because they rely on light and heat applied to a small area rather than abrasion or blunt force. The fact that the process is mechanized also helps with the speed, since machines don’t need to slow down nearly as much as humans do when doing precision work.

Computer-Assisted Design

Laser engravers rely on digital patterns to guide the laser as it works. That allows any person who is familiar with computer design programs to operate the laser without too much trouble. They still need to learn a few special skills to optimize their designs for the laser, but that takes far less time than training a person from scratch. These skills are getting more common as more young people who have grown up with computers enter the workforce, so finding someone who can learn to use the engraver is normally fairly easy.


Mistakes can be costly when it comes to engraving. It’s normally impossible to erase an engraved image, so an unusable engraving means wasted materials along with wasted time. Since laser engravers use digital patterns with minimal input from the human operator under most circumstances, mistakes are fairly rare. This is especially important when working with complex designs that are difficult for humans to create with traditional tools, and when working at speeds that cause trouble for other engravers.


As a supply chain gets bigger, more opportunities for delays and mistakes appear. Shrinking the chain makes everything go faster, and it often saves money at the same time. A business with a laser engraver can produce signs, marketing gifts, and other objects on its own instead of paying an outsider supplier to provide them. The prevents all of the potential problems of outsourcing, which is a benefit that no entrepreneur should pass up without good reason.

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