5 Best Neighborhoods for Renters in Memphis

When you hear about the history of Memphis, it’s probably because it’s the birthplace of rock n’ roll and the blues. You might have also heard about the many musical events that take place, especially after the Downtown area was revitalized. If you’re in the market for a rental in Memphis, check out the list below with some of the best neighborhoods you’ll find.

1. Midtown

Midtown is an interesting and eclectic are that has an artistic influence. It has a variety of different restaurants and shops. When visiting Midtown, you’ll find popular dining spots and many choices for enjoying a night out on the town. It’s a great community for Millennials and families, especially because of the affordable rental rates.

2. Downtown

The Downtown area of Memphis is where the popular Beale Street is located, which is why you’re likely to see a lot of tourists and locals. It’s also on the boarder of the Mississippi River. The Downtown area offers nightclubs, bars and restaurants that accommodate just about everyone’s preference. It’s a popular place for professionals and mature crowds seeking to downsize from a large home. The rents in this area are affordable, but slightly higher than other options in Memphis.

3. Central Gardens

Central Gardens is a part of town that’s popular with retirees, but also with younger families. This is because there are many single-family homes that are considered historic. In fact, Central Gardens is on the list of the National Register of Historic Places. Rents in this area are moderately priced.

4. Mud Island

As a peninsula, Mud Island is beloved for it’s restaurants and boutique shops. It also has Mud Island River Park where both residents and tourists enjoy spending time. During warmer months, you’ll find Mud Island to be a popular destination because of its amphitheater. Of the locations listed, rent on Mud Island is higher, yet still reasonable.

5. Raleigh

One of the most diverse areas of Memphis is Raleigh on the northeast part of town. It’s a suburban area that has fast and easy access to Downtown if you’re someone that commutes. Because of the affordable rent in Raleigh, young families are more likely to move to this area. There are also a lot of places to dine. You can find a single-family houses and apartments to rent in Raleigh.

Memphis has a lot to offer and the locations listed are worthy of consideration. If you want to visit different attractions in Memphis beyond those already listed, consider Graceland, the former home of Elvis. You should also consider Sun Studio, a place where a lot of rock icons played.

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