5 Creative Ways to Personalize Your Office Desk

If you have a desk job, chances are that you’re spending eight or more hours away from home every day, seated in a small cubicle. There’s no reason that your home away from home should be boring and drab. Why not make your desk a little brighter, and show off your personality too?

Here are a few ideas to start you off:

1. Plants
Getting a small plant can really boost your morale throughout the day. Since offices are not notorious for their bright rays of sunshine, it’s best to stick with something low-maintenance like a succulent, a cactus, or an air purifying plant such as a spider plant. For a creative flair, you can personalize your plant pots by painting them your favorite colors or something to match your cubicle color scheme.

2. Make Yourself a Window
Most likely you aren’t lucky enough to be seated anywhere near a window when you’re at the office. However, this is easy to fix by making your own! All you need is a large photo of a favorite outdoors scene of yours and some window molding. You can use anything from a picture of the ocean to outside you living room window at home. If you’d prefer something a little more frugal, you can use sheets of paper or poster board to make you window frame overlay.

3. Bring a Lamp
Adding a lamp with a natural full range light bulb to your work space can make things feel a lot homier. The golden glow from the lamp will be relaxing for your eyes when contrasted to the usual fully iridescent lighting typically found in offices. To make things a little more personal, you can paint the lampshade to match your cubicle theme, or to highlight your favorite things.

4. Personal Photos
At this point it might be a given, but bringing a few personal photos to the office can make the space feel a lot more like your own personal area. However, it’s important to keep in mind what kinds of photos you’re showing off. You don’t want to reveal things that are too personal or might make you seem like less of a professional. For a little extra flair, showcase your photos by hanging them on a photo wire.

5. Personalize Your Calendar
A primary cause of a drab office is a black-and-white calendar with no personality hanging on the wall. To make things a lot more fun while improving your organization, invest in a set of colored pens, some craft tape in unique designs, and miniature sticky notes. Using these tools, you can create a bright and attractive-looking calendar, that keeps you more organized than ever.

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