5 Health and Beauty Aids to Buy At the Supermarket

Everyone loves a one-stop shop, and recent improvements in both prices and variety have made it more convenient and economical than ever to purchase health and beauty supplies at the same time you’re doing your weekly grocery shopping. Over half of shoppers at major supermarket chains are now purchasing personal health and beauty products on a regular basis.

Skin care. Store specials and coupons fuel some of the sales, especially in areas such as hand and body soap and cleansing products. Many stores now carry a wide variety of products for any skin type, as well as products with more natural ingredients. Don’t forget the shaving cream and razors, always nearby, along with lotions, deodorants, and even perfume to help meet all your skin care needs in one outing.

Hair care. Purchasing hair care products has also become part of supermarket shopping for an increasing number of customers. Shampoos and conditioners for all ages and needs are to be found in your local supermarket health and beauty department. Special products such as hair moisturizing treatments, style gels and sprays, color and even home perm products are carried by many local chains as well. Various hair accessories such as barrettes and hair bands complete the list for your convenience.

Dental Hygiene. All manner of dental hygiene products are now available in most local supermarkets. Toothpaste, including whitening treatments and mouthwash, can often be bought at a discount with special ads. Of course, toothbrushes for every member of the family can be found in stock. Many larger supermarket chains carry all major brands, along with many specialty items to meet any oral hygiene needs you may have.

Cosmetics. A wide variety of popular cosmetics can now be purchased at your local supermarket at competitive prices. This includes face and eye make-up, as well as beauty treatments such as scrubs and moisturizers. Most major brands are represented with everything from foundation to mascara. To complete your beauty treatment, nail polish and nail care accessories can also be found for both hands and feet.

First Aid and Supplements. Items such as pain and allergy meds, basic first-aid supplies and treatments for many common ailments are stocked along with many vitamins and supplements. It’s easy to stock up or replenish these items as you pass through this department in your local supermarket.

With today’s busy lifestyles and demands, it is becoming increasingly convenient to shop for both groceries and personal needs all in one location. Competitive stocking and prices, along with easier shelf presentation, made it possible to do just that. Happy shopping!

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