5 Reasons To Use Software to Screen Applicants

If you’re an HR administrator, you probably already know hiring can be an immensely grueling process — even if you get lucky and have only fit applicants from which to choose. Its no surprise that if you aren’t already using a screening software for your applicants, you could be failing to meet your own expectations.

The list of reasons to use screening software for applicants can be extensive, and results due to the lack of, expensive. Here’s 5 reasons you may want to employ one in the future.


Recruiting can be a long process, even for the most seasoned talent acquisition professionals. If you post a vacant position on an online job board, any number of candidates will apply. Without screening filters, you could be spending hours longer on what should be your short list..


If you’re hiring for a specialized position that requires certificates or diplomas, you better believe a significant percentage of those who apply will not meet those qualifications. In an interview, you could even have a a moment of poor determination in credibility. Then without intent, or a clue, hire the wrong person for the role.


The wrong applicant can not only tarnish your team’s satisfaction in their respected roles, they can also continue to waste company efforts. Assuming the perfect candidate possessed the soft skills comparable of a saint, with a college education tailored to your industry. Meanwhile, the applicant you selected is without education or empathy. Not only has the enterprise lost out on those resources, but management could be spending valuable time correcting mistakes that should have never been made.

Workforce Impact

Once hired, the unfit candidate can erode workplace satisfaction from within. Your other employees could be the ones who truly feel that pain. If the job you’re hiring for demands skills in which the individual you hired lacks, you can count on your high-functioning team coming up short. Even the wrong attitude towards a particular industry can be destructive to a unit.

Customer Satisfaction

When all members of a team are working in their best capacity, your customers will surely see the value of the product or services they have invested. In fact, there are notable correlations between employee and customer satisfaction levels. Therefore, finding the right candidate for the role can not only improve your quality of your workforce, but it can also contribute to the success of your business.

The List Could Go On

Like the adage suggests, its better to “work smarter, not harder.” And when it comes to talent recruitment, this is particularly true. If there is the option to use applicant screening software, it is far better for your enterprise to make use of it, than not. After all, time and money can be synonymous in the workforce and your company will surely appreciate the savings.

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