5 Security Tips for Preventing a Data Breach

Over the past few years, many organizations and companies have been faced with the risk of data breach. For instance, in 2018, more than 6,500 cases were reported concerning data breach. According to research done, this was a 3.2% decline compared to the previous year 2017, which had reported 6,782 cases. Surprisingly, in 2019, things were worse when the number of breaches rose by 54%, registering 4.1 billion instances within the first six months.


Organizations have been educated and aware of different types of data breaches and their effects on their company, client loyalty, reputation, and cost, to mention a few. Therefore, to help prevent data breach cases, we have decided to come up with the following tips, which have proved beyond doubts to be useful.


1. Set Security Protocols on Your Organization Premises


Make sure your company premises have security protocols as a data breach prevention measure. Cybersecurity policies are among the protocols helpful to keep safe any confidential information and prevent it from leaking to unauthorized people. Besides preventing unauthorized people from accessing your organization’s data, cybersecurity also ensures that only authorized people can access your company’s information. Businesses need to understand that data in the hands of unauthorized people could easily trigger a cybersecurity attack.


Some companies tend to lean on Antiviruses to prevent a data breach; this is not enough. It is riskier because your endpoints are left vulnerable to attacks. To prevent this from happening, use comprehensive endpoint solutions, enforce unified data protection policies across all servers, endpoints, and networks.


2. Regular Audits on Security Posture


Regular audits are vital in preventing data breaches. How? By carrying out auditing on your company’s security system, you find new governance and compliance gaps useful in confirming your security posture. Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing are some of the ways to check the company’s security; however, a security audit works better. When carrying out a security audit, the organization’s dynamic nature, and how it handles information security are considered.


3. Keep Data Safeguarded


Employee error is one cause of data breaches; therefore, it is necessary to ensure that your staff is adequately trained to keep confidential data protected. Similarly, employees should only be allowed to access information vital to their role.


4. Implement Password Protection


Whether you are running a big or small, you need to make use of stronger passwords for your sites and update them regularly. Every account should have its password, which is a combination of symbols, numbers, and letters.


5. Update Security Software Regularly


To prevent hacks and data accessibility by unauthorized personnel, companies should make use of anti-spyware programs, firewalls, and anti-virus software. Ensure you update these security programs regularly to get latest patches.


Preventing data breaches may seem tedious for most people. However, this is quite simple; all you need is to come up with the right approach to stop this from happening. Using these five tips outlined in the article, your organization will be less likely to be a victim of a data breach.

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