5 Things Professional Drivers Hate That You Do When Driving

There are 5 things professional drivers hate about what you do when driving, and one of them is revealing if a person drives like a sociopath, who uses their radar detector to go 20 to 30 miles above the speed limit. Driving habits reveal a person’s true character, and there are things that professional drivers do not do.

Professional drivers hate normal drivers for doing rolling stops. A professional Lyft driver has to do a complete stop, otherwise, their driving skill is useless. You can get into trouble for rolling stops if a cop sees you anyway because then you get into trouble.

No cop or professional drivers like half-baked driving. Tailgating is something a professional driver would never ever dream of doing but all too often, normal drivers enjoy tail gating until something bad happens, Inc.com. Following a car too close can lead to a massive fender bender.

Professional drivers do not resort to outright aggression or road hogging, which is going below the speed limit or at the speed limit instead of pulling over and letting a car pass them in either direction, right or left.

Professional drivers do not resort to angry driving, CNBC, because they have to show professional courtesy on the road. Massachusetts’s drivers are really rude, to the point of calling themselves Mass-holes, since many eat behind the wheel.

Eating and driving are very rude, especially if you work for Uber or Lyft. Your passenger need not smell your food. Honking too much is the fourth way of being an unprofessional driver. While honking too much scares other drivers, honkers honk at someone stuck in a light way too long and not moving because they have road hypnosis.

Speeding is the fifth and final rude driving act because speeding with road rage is very rude and can put other people’s lives in danger. People who are easy to get along with are good drivers, who are considerate of others by driving with courtesy. Courtesy, in general, gets you pretty far, both as a driver and as a coworker or as a person.

Angry driving can get somebody killed if you follow someone to the point of provocation. Angry driving is not safe driving any more than speeding is. Driving is supposed to be something you do with measured calm, not overly aggressive baiting. Your driving says a lot about your integrity.

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