5 Tips for Choosing a Portable Storage Company

Portable storage facilities have become familiar to people seeking to store belongings while on transit safely. While they offer an affordable and convenient way, you want to hire the best company that suits your needs. Here are five tips for selecting a reliable portable storage company.


1. Security


Enough security is often crucial for first-time self-storage users. You want to trust a company that safely and securely holds your items. While most facilities have installed CCTV cameras on their entrances, you want the assurance that all company areas are given 24/7 protection.


To enter the facility, you may encounter a manned office or reception or enter a PIN code. Ensure the storage facility has secured and sturdy unit doors.


2. Cost


For an ideal self-storage facility, consider avoiding low-cost options. That is especially when the services are at the expense of factors such as security and location. Find out the overall price, what it entails, and whether you’ll pay a deposit charge.


Most storage facilities give great introductory offers to allure new customers. Always check their terms and conditions, and price rates upon the discount expiry. That’s particularly if you intend to stay past the offer duration.


3. Size and suitability


While this might look obvious, you should choose the right-size facility that accommodates your entire belongings. Possibly, you intend to store a big quantity of items, or you look forward to bringing more in the future.


Ensure the facility can hold all your belongings or has additional units if that’s crucial. Follow the guidelines which the company has provided, for instance:


  • Archive documents
  • Household furniture
  • Antique items
  • Office equipment
  • Excess commercial stock

4. Opening times


It’s crucial to evaluate whether the operating times of the company suits your necessities. Check whether you can access the unit outside the usual business hours.


Some facilities provide 24-hour access. This is ideal if you operate long or unusual hours. Check on the facility’s opening hours during the weekend. Some companies terminate their services during weekends or work on a few hours, especially on Sundays.


Does the facility offer emergency access? Check whether they can open additional time with the arrangement and whether it incurs the cost.


5. Location


The storage facility should be in the ideal place that suits your needs. If you intend to do frequent visits, pick the facility near your residence. It will be cheaper and easily accessible.


But if your purpose is to visit the storage unit every so often, go to the nearest company. It will offer you extra benefits of cost and convenience.


The above tips should help you choose the ideal storage company. Besides, consider insurance options and ease to make a reservation if that’s necessary. But above everything, plan well!

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