5 Ways to Improve your Presentation Skills

Most people have a fear of standing in front of a crowd and giving a presentation, whether it’s in a classroom or a workplace. It can be uncomfortable to have too much attention from multiple people, which can cause some people to lose their train of thought and feel judged once they’re in the spotlight. Instead of getting the butterflies, there are a few ways to improve your presentation skills and look natural.

1. Practice

According to wordstream.com, you’ll want to rehearse your presentation to become comfortable with each point and be prepared. Preparation can ease your nerves and help your presentation flow well because you aren’t winging the presentation. Consider writing down your main points on flashcards to ensure you that you have a backup plan if you lose your focus or become distracted.

2. Time the Presentation

Timing your presentation is crucial to avoid having a lack of information and also prevent yourself from talking for too long. Pace yourself and practice using a timer to ensure that you know how to talk at a steady speed. Using a script can also allow you to follow a guide.

3. Focus on Your Audience

According to forbes.com, focus on your audience to ensure that they can learn from the information that you’re providing instead of placing the attention on yourself.

4. Arrive Early

Arriving a few minutes early can allow you to become more comfortable with your setting before having your presentation. Getting settled before your talk can give you time to organize your notecards, set up the projection screen, and go through your slides. You can also practice the presentation a few times in the setting to ensure that you know where to look in the room while trying to connect with your audience.

5. Continue Smiling

Many people can forget to smile as they present, which can cause the audience to feel uncomfortable or assume that you’re in a bad mood. Remember to smile and make eye contact with everyone. Consider the presentation to be a conversation that you’re having with everyone to feel more at ease and avoid taking yourself too seriously. You’ll allow yourself to calm down and relax if you allow yourself to smile, which can make for a more natural and authentic experience that is well-received by the audience.

It may not be easy to get in front of a group of people and communicate certain facts or information while in school or at work, but there are ways to make it effortless and even enjoyable. With the right steps taken, you can become more experienced with the process and avoid making mistakes.

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