5 Ways to Make Your Party More Memorable

Sometimes having a party is simple. A person gets together with a few friends in their home with drinks and hor d’oeuvres and music, and it’s fun. But sometimes a person may want to do something a bit different. The following are five ways to make a party that much more memorable:

1. Spruce Up a Martini Party 
Throw a party that features all kinds of martinis. Some of the highlights are a contest to see which person can make the best martini. The winner gets a cup of espresso before they leave. Another tip is to pick a person to serve as bartender and whip up martinis with secret ingredients such as a few drops of absinthe or a pinch of ginger. Whoever guesses the secret ingredient wins.

2. Throw a Potluck Party 
After the guest list has been drawn up and the guests have RSVP’d, assign each one a task and a dish to bring to the party. Draw up a list of things to do and dishes to bring, and send a mass e-mail to all the guests. They can choose what they want and be able to see what others have chosen. This avoids duplications. Another tip is to transfer the meals the guests bring in their uninspiring plastic bowls and boxes into the household’s best serveware.

3. Have an Outdoor Party — In Winter 
Just because it’s cold and snowing outside doesn’t mean no outdoor parties. Light up the fire pits, the barbecue grill, and even the bonfires if local ordinances allow. Serve warming meals and drinks such as hot toddies, and pile up chairs and settees with cuddly blankets and pillows.

4. Throw a Hippie Party 
Have everyone come in tie-dyed t-shirts, bandanas, mini-skirts, maxi-skirts and buckskin jackets with fringe. Borrow an older relative’s fondue pot, which is somewhere in the higher shelves of their kitchen. Put Op-Art slip covers on the chairs and sofas. Drag out the old record player and LPs of all those 60s acts, fire up the lava lamps, and let the good times roll.

5. Throw a Kamayan 
This is a traditional Filipino feast and is great for an outdoor party. Spread a long table, or better yet, a line of long tables with banana leaves, and arrange the food right on top them without plates or platters. The food can be anything from fried fish or shrimp, grilled eggplant or other vegetables, mounds of rice, lamb kebobs, egg rolls, or whatever strikes the host’s fancy. Only the sauces are allowed to be served from little bowls. The revelers are not even allowed to eat with knives, forks or spoons. Everything is picked up by hand and ushered into the mouth with the thumb.

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