5 Winter Wedding Looks that are Absolutely Stunning

Although the summer season is the most popular time of the year for weddings, more people are planning winter events when they want to wed. The winter season is an ideal time to get married due to the white winter snow that can make for a beautiful backdrop at the formal event. For those who are planning a winter wedding, there are a few wedding looks that are absolutely stunning.

1. Sequined Tablecloths

According to brit.co, one of the best ways to dress up your winter wedding is with the use of sequined tablecloths that are sparkly and fun. The sequins will add extra glam to the setting and can make it appear formal with runners and napkins that are used. The sequins can easily be paired with metallics and blushes to create a romantic environment that is modern.

2. Flower Crowns

Flower crowns are ideal for winter weddings because they incorporate extra greenery into event and create a feminine tone for the bride and wedding party. Use flower crowns with berries to create a bohemian style that will allow you to look like royalty and can match with the bouquets and boutineers that are used.

3. Wood Accents

According to waterlilyweddings.com, wood accents are ideal for winter weddings because they bring the outdoors into the venue and can be used in a variety of different ways. Consider using crates for the food or desserts that are served, along with wood signs that can point guests in the right direction. Wood stumps can also be used to hold the wedding cake or cupcakes when you want to incorporate a rustic touch that is fitting for the season. Consider carving your initials in the wood for a romantic touch that looks youthful and customized with the decor that is used.

4. Velvet Details

Velvet details are ideal for winer weddings because they add extra warmth and a cozy touch to the formal event. You can use velvet heels with the wedding attire of your bridesmaids or require your groomsmen to wear velvet vests that are appropriate for the colder season. The ’90s trend has officially made a comeback and will allow the wedding to look stylish with use of the beautiful material.

5. Cool Gray Shades

Those who want to plan a romantic winter wedding without opting for deep red and green shades can create a modern look with cool gray shades that are used. Light gray tones are appropriate for the season, but are still elegant. The gray color shades can be combined with blush tones and metallic silvers with mercury glass decor that is used in the centerpieces.

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