6 Packing Hacks for an International Move

Moving overseas or across a border will likely mean down-sizing. Many who are willing to pick up and move to a new country already travel light, but you may find that moving to a furnished apartment will make your move simpler. You will need to decide how to pack what you’ll need with you and what to leave behind.

Storage Unit

If you’re leaving large objects behind, a storage unit can make your choices easier. Make sure you carefully label each box so a loved one can find an object you have to have and send it to you.


If your main moving tools are suitcases, pack with an eye toward weight. Wear your bulkiest shoes on the flight. Pack your others at the bottom of the case and be sure to fill them with socks, tightly balled tanks, or underwear to prevent crushing the shoe.


Once you’ve researched the climate in your new home, pack with an eye toward layering. In addition to tees, tanks and fleece, invest in a raincoat with a hood that’s a bit big for you. In a pinch, you can layer up and add this final wind-block to stay warm no matter the conditions.


Do as much on your phone as possible. If you need a laptop, take it. However, lugging around your laptop plus your tablet plus your phone will get heavy and awkward very quickly. Invest in a backpack that you can use as your carry-on for the flight and don’t take more electronics than you can comfortably carry for the trip. As for tools such as coffeemakers or blenders, be prepared to buy new tools when you get to your new home. For those moving from an American 110 plug to other power formats, purchasing new is the best option.


Unless you have a particular skin or scalp condition that you must address, go light on the toiletries. Include a toothbrush, toothpaste, some personal wipes, and a small towel in your carry-on so you can freshen up on your layovers. Anything that goes in your suitcase should be small and wrapped in a waterproof bag to avoid disasters.


Again, go as light and electronic as possible. If you don’t know how long you’ll be overseas, you may want to donate or scale down your books. For many of us, reading is a great source of relaxation and pleasure. However, traveling with physical books will get expensive and cumbersome.

Moving can be an exciting time that will allow you to pare down your belongings and get to the essentials. Moving overseas makes the need to reduce your stuff even more critical. Your new life can include replacing what you need.

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