Best Curling Iron Techniques that Guarantee Beautiful Waves

Curling irons are a convenient and easy way to add body and style to many haircuts. There are simple things you can do to ensure lasting curls. Here are the best curling iron techniques and tips to help you get those beautiful waves.

Dry Locks

Starting with bone-dry hair is necessary when working with a curling iron. If you are worried that the hairdryer will fry the ends, apply a leave-in moisturizer. Dry locks will hold the heat from the curling iron. If the strands are wet, the heat will evaporate the water instead of causing the curl.
Styling Aids
Once your locks are dry, add in some styling products to help the waves stay in place. Some products you can use are everyday hairspray, mousses, or light gels. When you apply it, use a small amount. You do not need the strands wet. A light application will help hold the style in place. Comb the product through so it evenly coats most of the strands.

Too Much Hair

Don’t grab too much hair. If you have too many strands, the heat will only reach the layers closest to the barrel. Comb out a medium to thin bundle at first. You will know if the wrap is too thick if you let the curling iron loose and the hair is limp. Try again with a thinner section.

Too Much or Not Enough Time

Wrap the hair into the curling iron, and hold it into place for 10 to 20 seconds. If you did not get any bounce, you might have too much hair in the iron. Readjust the hair bundle and try again. The curling iron must have enough time to heat the hair, but you do not want to leave it in so long that it burns it.


If you see the perfect wave unfold out of the iron, wait for several minutes before touching it. Let the hair cool off, and once it is, it will hold the body. If you comb the curl directly after it comes out of the iron, you will lose a lot of the bounce. You can brush it if the spiral is too tight or if you want a looser wave. After the hair has cooled, you can brush the curls then move on to the last step.


Hairspray is the final process of holding the waves throughout the day. If your hairstyle looks perfect, hit it with some hairspray. There are various degrees of sprays that range from the ultimate staying power to a light hold. The products labeled as super hold may leave the hair stiff, but the hold is strong. The lighter holds let the hair move more, and you can reapply them later on if needed.

These are the proper techniques to use to get wavy curls. It may take some practice and trial and error. Once you have learned how to create perfect curls for your hair type, you will always be able to have fashionable and fun hair.

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